Moonclip Holder / Concealed Carry .38/357 Mag - S&W (Qty: 1)


Convenient way to carry extra ammo, concealed, but ready for a reload when necessary and keeps the moon clip being from twisted or bent.

  • S&W Models: 36, 37, 60, 337, 337TI, 340, 340SC, 340PD, 342TI, 360, 360PD, 442, 637, 638, 640, 642 & 647: .38/.357 Magnum: 5 - Shot .38/357 Magnum.
  • It retains a loaded moon clip by bearing on the cartridges with an adjustable center post, which holds the rounds between the outer cup and the center post for secure carry.
    When a reload is needed, hold the moon clip on the outside edge.
  • Just push on the white extension of the MCC to eject the loaded moon clip from the carrier for a fast reload.
  • This concealed carry revolver ammo holder is designed to be used with .38 caliber 5 - shot moon clips & is a patented device