S&W 929 Moon Clips 9mm (N-Frame) Federal Syntech Ammo (Qty: 10)


Moon clips are faster to use than a speedloader and allow quick and reliable ejection of the fired rounds, with a quick reload of all chambers at once.

Moon clips for revolvers makes reloading fast and smooth. Moon clips are a reloading device/method that makes it much easier to load a revolver cylinder with all your cartridges at one time. No fumbling, while loading your cylinder with rounds individually and possibly dropping some of them on the ground. No speedloader to pick-up off the ground after you load your revolver cylinder.

  • S&W Model 929 8-Shot 9mm Revolver Moon Clip
  • These clips made to fit Federal 150gr Syntech 9mm brass.
  • Clips are .035 thick Stainless Steel. Standard fitment. 
  • Highest standards of quality & proper fitment.
  • Made in America!
  • Order your moon clips, moon clip tools and revolver accessories from TK Custom™ today.
  • Moon Clip Loading & Unloading Tools are HIGHLY Recommended for this moon clip.

All of our products are "Made in the USA" on state of the art machinery, to exacting tolerances of .00001 thousandth’s of an inch. Our twelve step manufacturing, inspection process insures the very highest quality moon clip and they are guaranteed for a lifetime. TK Custom™ simply delivers the highest quality products in the industry period!

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