Coil Spring Speed Hammer KIT for S&W (N-Frame)

SKU: Coil_Spring_KIT

Coil Spring Speed Hammer KIT for S&W (N-Frame) from TK Custom™
Models: 327, 627 & 929

The TK Custom™ S&W N-Frame Coil Spring Hammer KIT was designed for Competition use in Performance Center N-Frame revolvers (Model 929 - 627, etc. Manufactured of tool steel by wire EDM and CNC machined, then heat treated to (50 Rockwell hardness). Must use a Hogue grip with this system.

- Adjustable coil spring tension from 6.5 to 9 lbs. to insure detonation of ALL brands of primers.

What is the difference between a coil vs leaf spring system and the advantage?

In the revolvers’ double action mode, the coil spring stores more energy than a leaf spring.

Therefore, the stored energy of the coil spring propels the hammer forward faster, delivering more energy to the firing pin, thus detonating the primer. The trigger pull weight may be lighter to attain proper ignition of primers vs a leaf spring.

TK Custom fitting and installation is virtually Mandatory.
- This is a highly sophisticated, engineered system and MUST be installed and fitted by an Experienced and Knowledgeable S&W Pistolsmith.
- If purchased by an individual, who is not capable of proper installation, TK Custom does not give directions or training.
- This is not a hobbyist installation.

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