TK Custom Revolver Speed Hammer (N-Frame) Skeletonized

SKU: S_W_N-Frame_Speed_Hammer-skeletonized

S&W Competition Speed Hammer (Skeletonized) was designed as a replacement hammer for Performance Center S&W N-Frame revolvers (Model???s 627, 929, etc.). TKC Skeletonized Diamond Speed Hammer is designed with the original S&W design & shape, modified TK Custom sear and stirrup found on the Performance Center hammers. Designed as a semi-drop in replacement for Performance Center N-Frame revolvers (Model???s 627, 929, etc.) Manufactured of tool steel by wire EDM and CNC machined, then heat treated to (50 Rockwell hardness).

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For Competition Use.

Additionally, the TKC Skeletonized Diamond Speed Hammer replaces MIM Hammers found in Smith & Wesson non-Performance Center revolvers and Performance Center revolvers made after January 2012.

The Package:

TKC Diamond Skeletonized Speed Hammer (N-Frame)  (18.50 grams)   17.5% lighter than our solid Speed Hammer!
Operates your revolver in Double Action Only                                              19% lighter than a Competitors Hammer
No hammer spur
Sear Skeletonized / Fitting is required (pre-installed)
Stirrup and pins (pre-installed)

Gunsmith fitting is highly recommended, but not always necessary

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