Rechambering to 9mm

Rechambering to 9mm

Rechambering your S&W Model's 686, 627, 66, 60 to accept 9mm for full moon clips.

 J, K, L & N cylinders only: 5, 6, 7 & 8 Shot Cylinders

Rechambering to Factory Spec ammo only. No Reloaded ammo.

When rechambered to 9mm, the cylinder of your Smith & Wesson revolver will still shoot 38 SPL or 357 with or without the proper moon clip.

Video of 9mm Rechambering

No Titanium Cylinders for rechambering to 9mm.

No Recessed cylinders

$350 to rechamber cylinder, machine & chamfer cylinder.    
$80 for (10) 9mm (.035) S/S Moonclips

Total: $430.00