Action Tuned with extreme detailed fitment/alignment with stoning of the Critical Lock Work contact areas.
8.0 +/- Lbs / D/A ONLY

Redhawk 8-shot
ICORE Open Revolver

 TK Custom Redhawk Master Action Tuning Job
Will fire Winchester & Federal pistol primers.
NO CCI! (Too hard)

$500 PLUS Return Shipping 

Ruger 8-shot Revolvers ONLY

 8 +/- Lbs / D/A ONLY

Action Tuned with extreme detailed fitment/alignment
Stoning of the Critical Lock Work contact areas
Remove All Excess play in the Hammer, Trigger & Internals
Trigger Over-Travel Stop
Bob Hammer to Increase Speed of Ignition
Bowen Extended Firing Pin
Wolfe Competition Mainspring
Chamfer cylinder
WEIG-A-TINNY® RUGER Revolver Mini Scope Mount


Proper seating depth for reliable ignition.
With small primer punch deformation visible.

Ruger 8-shot ICORE Open RevolverRuger 8-Shot ICORE Open Class Revolver

                                      Bobbed Hammer for Faster Ignition of Primers    Rounded & Polished Trigger with Over-Travel Stop    Cylinder Machined & Chamfered                                                                                              Bobbed Hammer                          Polished Trigger with Stop          Machined & Chamfered Cylinder 

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