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TK CUSTOM specializes in the manufacture of full moonclips and the machining of revolver cylinders to accept the moonclips. S&W is our speciality and by far the most popular, the most versatile revolver for modifications and 9mm caliber conversions. We have many related moonclip accessories for the competition shooter and sportsman. Our products include a complete line of Moonclips, Moonclip Stripper Tools, Moonclip Loading & Unloading Tools, a Moonclip Saver Tool and other items that may be of interest to revolver shooters'.

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Moonclips are the fastest way to load your revolver!

A Moon clip is circular piece of spring steel or stainless steel designed to hold a full cylinder of ammunition for a revolver together as a unit. Therefore, instead of loading one round at a time or using a speedloader, with a Moonclip, a full cylinder of ammunition can be loaded and the fired cases are all extracted together as a unit. Thus expediting the revolver loading and unloading process. Unlike a speedloader, a Moonclip remains in the revolver during firing. Loading and unloading tools for the Moonclips are recommended to assist the shooter with these administrative functions.

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The Rise of the Full Moon....
Clips That is!
The TK Custom Story

American Handgunner Digital Magazine
By: Peter T Tomaras

Moonclips, cylinder & ammoM-66 Moonclip conversion
Clips and modified cylinder
S&W Model 66 Revolver Example
Moonclip Conversion

Machined cylinders for use of Moonclips can still be used with or without Moonclips, just as the revolver was designed & manufactured by S&W and others.

Example of the costs to machine your cylinder.

Moonclips are faster to use than a speedloader. Jerry Miculek, the world's best and fastest revolver shooter, has demonstrated the ability to fire six shots from a S&W Model 625 revolver in .45 ACP,  reload, and fire six more shots into the 6x11-inch center scoring zone of an IPSC target at fifteen feet in under three seconds, including reaction time to the start signal. This feat was possible by using Moonclips to allow quick and reliable ejection of the fired rounds, and a quick reload of all six chambers at once.

Pro Tips from Jerry Miculek Reloading.

Jerry Miculek

The goal of TK CUSTOM is to have the highest quality / performance of our products, quick shipping, unprecedented customer service that exceeds customer expectations of satisfaction for S&W, Ruger & Taurus Revolver accessories and our commitment to maintain a competitive offering of products. All items are in stock ready for immediate shipment, unless otherwise noted. 

TK Custom assumes No Responsibility for misuse of our products.

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