S&W Model 929 Rebuild:

Dear TK Custom,

Just a quick note to say thanks for the new prototype hammer sear you provided to replace my older style factory type hammer sear.

The new design sear dropped in place with very minimal fitting; slight stoning with an 800 grit hard Arkansas stone to blend the edges, and everything was ready!

Including your new sear, I have totally rebuilt the factory MIM action on my S&W Model 929 competition 9 mm revolver.   The rebuild included your new TK smooth rounded trigger, a spur-less TK Speed Hammer, a TK Custom Cylinder release, an extended length firing pin, an increased strength Wolfe Power-Rib mainspring and a reduced strength 13 pound Wolfe rebound slide spring.

The New 929 Revolver now puts the original S&W Performance Center Revolver to shame!   The smoothness of a properly fitted action constructed of REAL tool steel parts leaves no room for comparison with the 929 in its original configuration.

I have compared ALL of my revolver actions to that of a Bill Davis Custom S&W K-Frame NRA PPC Revolver I used exclusively in competition during the 70s and early 80s. I never thought I would be able to match the perfect feel of the Bill Davis K-Frame with a modern S&W N-Frame; your pursuit of perfection in the parts you provided through TK Custom proved me wrong!   The new 929 is now PERFECT and is simply awaiting warm weather and a Shooter Ready? Now in command to start the 2018 Steel Challenge season!

Thanks Guys, you restored my faith in hand-finished precision Steel revolver actions!

John Mark Vaughn, Coroner
Blount County Coroner's Office
Diplomat - American Board of
Medicolegal Death Investigators

Amazon Customer / December 22, 2017 
Outstanding product - recently I purchased a new S&W J-Frame 642 ... It came from the performance center machined to use with Moon Clips - it came with 3 of the TK Custom clips for the 5 shot 38/357 ... After researching amazon I realized discovered I could buy more moon clips along with other loading accessories - loading tools to assist you - also loading blocks and other accessories to make the storage and travel a breeze. After you have had time to use them - try them - you will find them a great purchase and investment. Once I arrive at the range - I simply pull out my revolver - and my loading block - grab them in a group of five and simple drop them in gravity fed - Reloading in seconds... Allows me to focus on my targets and not wasting energy to re-load - refocus. Going to attach a picture of my S&W 642 ( on the left ) along with a Speed Beez loading block, a 1040 Pelican case for travel ( also water tight ) -- Again,,, TK customer Moon Clips - great product - I will be buying more..... 

Amazon Customer / February 11, 2018

Very pleased with this cylinder release. The width, knurling and location are just right. I have a smaller hand size and it works really well for me. My ham fisted, Neanderthal shooting buddy's love it also! This release is a great add on for general carry if you want quicker reloads. For competition an absolute must.

Happy Customer / February 25, 2018
I have purchased two moon clip loading tools and moon clips for Taurus 9 mm revolver. I am very happy with the quality of your products and the rapid delivery of same. The workmanship is excellent and the tool is a great addition to make my shooting more enjoyable .
Miami , Fl 

Satisfied Customer: 2/28/18 
503 N. Church St. / PO Box 333
Thomasboro, IL 61878-0333


On 02/16/2018 I ordered a loader tool for 380 acp revolvers plus an unloading tool.

My response is WOW!!!!
The shipping was fast.

  • The loader is an excellent tool.
  • I wish I had the unloading tool before I cut up my thumbs. This is a case of simple being best.
  • A sample moon clip was sent to me. At some point in the future I will have to purchase a number of these. This product makes the factory originals look worse than bad and the originals were not good to start with.
    Marshall, WI

Amazon Customer: 3/5/18
TOP QUALITY! Ultimate Simplicity and Total Functionality. Purchased with 9mm Moon Clips and Loading Tool. Moon Clips are Superior to any currently available and the companion Pocket Sized Loader Works Flawlessly.

Satisfied Customer: 3/7/18 
I got the cylinder for my 686+ back today. It works perfectly with any brand ammo. It's now moon clip compatible, and can chamber 38spl, 357mag, and now 9mm. Thanks for a great job and quick turnaround. I will recommend you to my shooting friends.
JH / West Penn, PA

Satisfied Customer:
Just received my moon clip loader and unloader for my 8 shot Ruger .357 mag Redhawk. Love it. That thing is slick. Couldn’t be easier. Thank you for making something that actually works as advertised.

Satisfied Customer:
Outstanding customer service and machining.  Thank you so much for the high speed turn around.

Amazon Customer: 3/15/18
These are the best 8-shot moonclips available on earth in 2018!

Amazon Customer: 3/20/18
I purchased the clip and loading tool for my 586 L-Comp. The weapon is made to be used with moon clips, and right away, I noticed a dramatic increase in accuracy. The clips are ammunition specific, meaning you must purchase the correct moon clips for the ammo you intend to use. The loading and unloading tool are finely engineered and work perfectly.

Amazon Customer: 4/20/18
I just got my S&W 8 shot combo and clips. They work great! But I wanted to take the time to Thank Eli and let you know how much I appreciate the service. I inadvertently ordered Ruger instead of S&W and he caught the error because the clips did not match. I am sure that most companies would have just shipped what was ordered. It is refreshing to see that kind of caring about your products. Thanks Eli, Great Job!

Satisfied Customer: 7/7/18
Tom, Eli, and the TK Custom team.
You have changed my whole world!!!! I used my new full moon clip stripper tool yesterday for my S&W M986 Pro Series 9mm revolver and I am flabbergasted at the ease of the tool’s use. I fell in love with my revolver the day that I received it, but honestly, removing each of the spent cartridges from the required full moon clip was a PAIN and very frustrating.  When I saw the tool and accompanying video on your website, I knew that I had to get it. It was a joy to use and painless. Thank you for this, as well as exchanging my mandrel loader part for the correct one.  
Hampton, New Jersey

Satisfied Customer: 3/28/19
Hello and thank you to everyone @ Team TK Custom. 
Wow I shipped my 629 cylinder on 3/21 and received it back fully machined w/ SS moon clips and arbor on 3/27. Your machine work looks fantastic and your moon clips work even better. I can now load six 44 mag rounds in the same amount of time it took me to load 1 round which means I spend more time shooting and less time reloading I modified two pelican storage cases to safely hold 6 fully loaded moon clips each and I'm off to he range. 
To all you revolver enthusiast out there, if you are thinking of having your cylinder machined for moon clips stop thinking about it and just do it so you can enjoy shooting even more.
Thank you and your customer service is very much appreciated,