Moon Clip Saver Tool

SKU: Moon_Clip_Saver_Tool

By popular demand the TK Custom Moon Clip Saver Tool is back in stock! This tool can straighten bent full moon clips.

Moon Clip Saver Tool

S&W 6, 7 & 8 - Shot (User Instructions)

A Hard-flat surface is recommended to push against.

  • Place the bent moon clip onto the beveled depression/machined circle in the base.
  • Place the center press pin starting angle “B” facing out, into the top.
  • Insert top assembly into the base holding the bent moon clip.
  • Give several forceful presses down onto the moon clip, flip the moon clip over and repeat.
  • Do this until one side of the moon clip (is cupped at this point) has all the outside edges resting evenly on a flat surface.
  • Reverse the center press pin so finishing angle “A” is facing out, and reinsert into the top.
  • Place the moon clip with the cupped side down into the beveled depression/machined circle of the base.
  • Insert the top assembly into the base.
  • Press down on the moon clip tool and gradually lighten the pressure until the moon clip is straight.
    • A Hard-flat surface is recommended to push against.
  • Check for straightness/flatness on the flat bottom of the base.
  • Repeat the steps if necessary, until moon clip is straight and flat.