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Our revolver trigger jobs are the perfect way to get the most out of your revolver. Our action-tuned design will give you a crisp, clean pull with minimal take-up and over-travel. We stone the critical contact areas for a precise fit, giving you a smooth, reliable trigger pull every time.


Are you looking for the best possible trigger pull on your revolver? Look no further than TK Custom. We offer a wide variety of services that will improve your trigger pull, including the installation of our Tool Steel Match grade Trigger, Diamond Speed Hammer, Wolfe Power Rib Competition Mainspring & 11LB Rebound Spring kit, and more. Our team is experienced in gunsmithing and will have your revolver performing at its best in no time!

  • Diamond Speed Hammer
  • Speed Trigger
  • Cylinder Chamfering
  • Extended Firing Pin
  • Internal Lock Plug
  • Wolff Main Spring
  • 11LB Rebound Spring
  • Crane Alignment, Reducing & Polishing of all internals.

Price : $999.95 PLUS Return Shipping

S&W K/L/N Frame Revolvers ONLY

Basic / CCW Action Tuning Job

There is nothing basic about our basic action job at TK custom. The reason we call it basic is that we leave all of your internal parts and work with what we have! MIM parts get a bad rap. We address all the improper flaws that the MIM parts have. We also install our Extended firing pin, Wolff main spring as well as an 11LB rebound spring. Your factory 13LB trigger pull will turn into a clean crisp 8.5-9LB double action trigger. Your single action trigger will be set to an astonishing 3LB.

  • Extended Firing Pin
  • Wolff Main Spring
  • 11LB Rebound Spring
  • Crane Alignment, Reducing & Polishing of all internals.

Price : $395.00 PLUS Return Shipping

Shop Time: 45-60 Days


Our work on cylinders rechambered to 9mm are LIMITED to our customer's using standard 9mm ammo or low pressure reloads, which are 34,000 - 35,000 psi chamber pressure or less. Same chamber pressures apply to firing of .38 SPL & .357 Mag. Examples of FACTORY Brands are: Winchester, Federal & Remington.

Absolutely NO 9mm Nato, 9mm +P or 9mm +P+, all which are far beyond the 34,000 - 35,000 psi chamber pressure our Ruger .45 ACP & 9mm cylinder machining is intended for. Usually 38,500 psi, which WILL Stick!

If you try to use these high pressure ammo, you will experience cases sticking in all chambers.

We cannot warranty our work, if you disregard our warning/notice on high pressure ammo.

When rechambered to 9mm the cylinder will still shoot NON-HIGH Pressure ammo, 38 SPL or 357 Mag with or without the proper Moon Clip.

Reloaded range brass, with the unsupported barrel chamber bulge, will not resize properly and results in inferior ammo for use in this conversion!

Fill out the (Work Order) and ship us the revolver cylinder assembly, payment info or have us call you when the work is done.


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