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Bringing you the highest quality moon clips in the industry.



We make it easy to load and unload your moonclip enhanced revolvers.

S&W Revolver Parts

Competition Ready Hammers, Triggers and etc.

About TK Custom™

World Class moon clips and S&W revolver accessories from TK CUSTOM™, an OEM supplier to S&W and ShopRuger, specializing in products for the competition shooter and sportsman. TK Custom™ carries revolver moon clips, loading tools, and S&W revolver parts/ accessories.

What Are Moon Clips

Premier | World Class Moon clip or moon clips from TK Custom™ are a circular piece of spring steel or stainless steel designed to hold a full cylinder of ammunition for a revolver together as a unit. Therefore, instead of loading one round at a time or using a speedloader, with a revolver moon clip, a full cylinder of ammunition can be loaded and the fired cases are all extracted together.

See What We Do!

We machine your revolver cylinder to
accept moon clips.


Moonclips are FASTER than a SPEED LOADER!

Jerry Miculek, the worlds best and fastest revolver shooter, has demonstrated the ability to fire six shots from a S&W Model 625, .45 acp revolver, reload and fire six more shots into the 6x11-inch center scoring zone of an IPSC target at fifteen feet in under three seconds.