TK Custom - Competition Spring Kit for S&W K-L-N Revolver's

SKU: Master_Spring_Kit

S&W Competition Revolver Spring Kit: Compatible with K-L-N & X Frame Models.

Reduces the Double Action Trigger Pull to approximately 8.5-9 lbs.

  • Kit contains a Wolff Reduced Power Main Spring & 2 Rebound Springs (11 & 12 lb.)
  • TK Custom Extended Firing Pin

Drop-in Kit with NO Gunsmithing.

Our Smith and Wesson competition revolver spring kit is designed to inexpensively improve your single and double action trigger pull on your revolver. This spring kit ensures that you can have the most reliable and lightest trigger pull possible for your S&W revolver. This kit comes with two different rebound springs so you can have the lightest trigger pull with maximum trigger return. This Smith and Wesson Revolver Spring Kit will change your revolver dramatically, you wont believe the difference.

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