Kimber K6s Revolver Extended Firing Pin

SKU: Kimber_Firing_Pin
  • K6s Models: TLE, DCR, DASA, DC, Stainless, and CDP
  • Easy drop in installation.
  • Manufactured of tool steel CNC machined, then heat treated to (50 Rockwell hardness), 
  • Kimber Extended Firing Pin is made of 17-4 heat treated stainless steel and includes a reduced power firing pin return spring.
  • TK is lasered on the end of the replacement firing pin, as our brand recognition.  No confusion as to what brand of firing pin you are using!  
  • Overall length is: .500 / Factory stock is .490

    fp 03 

  • Excessive dry firing (thousands' of times) using Kimber revolvers, WITHOUT dummy rounds in each chamber to absorb some of the forward movement of the firing, may cause the firing pin tip to fatigue and break off. 
  • Broken Firing pins will be replaced by TKC, just ask and show proof.