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Thaine Creitz
You almost never have enough

By themselves the clips are useful but challenging UNTIL you get the TK custom tools to load and unload the clips. If you don't plan to get the tools, I'd skip the clips as they are not as useful without the tools.

Quality Clip

I bought a 5 pack of the OEM S&W 8 shot .357 moon clips for my 327 Performance Center revolver. I chose the OEM .025 as I knew they would work just like the 3 TK’s that came with the revolver. The clips are sturdy and well made and ordering was easy and the shipping fast (USPS). Excellent communication throughout the process with e-mail confirmations at each step. I have a BMT Mooner loader/unloader and I’d like to share a little feedback about loading various makes of brass. TK states their clips work with “Federal, Remington and various other makes” and do not work with Winchester brass. Using the BMT Mooner this holds true. BMT provides a “Function Evaluation” chart depicting the effort required to load/unload various combinations of moon clips and brass with their Mooner loader (.38/.357 model). Pay close attention to the TK moon clip and brass head stamp combos. There are quite a few manufacturers brass that will not load/unload unless you have Popeye arms. I have found Starline brass to load/unload very easy. Federal and Remington require slightly more effort but nothing bad. Speer and Hornady nickel plated are very difficult and sometimes will not unload the last two cartridges. Winchester, PMC, CBC and most others are impossible. Again, this is using the S&W 327 OEM.025 moon clip and BMT Mooner loader. When I get some spare coin, I will try the TK split clips with the BMT but I’m not sure they will work as the BMT uses small magnets to hold the clips in place and the TK split clips are stainless and might not be ferrous. I’d like to try the TK loading and unloading equipment down the road too. It will be interesting to see how many head stamp combos will work. The BMT Mooner is definitely quicker to load/unload a moon clip. But the effort required, especially if you have arthritic hands, for some makes of brass…can be challenging. The TK tools might be slower, but easier. Maybe. I’ll let you know in a future review.

Felix Sanchez
OEM Moon Clips

These OEM moon clips work great. Highly recommended for the S&W 627. Great product!



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